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Mpumalanga Crane Services offer a vast amount of mechanical services in the material handling industry. We have the ability to remove, dismantle and repair all overhead cranes and hoists using qualified technicians and riggers. All special parts and components can be supplied and new components can sometimes be manufactured in less time then what it takes to acquire the original component. Maintenance and service contracts are available and our technicians are available around the clock to meet all your mechanical service needs.

We offer inspection visits in three configurations; Annual, Quarterly and Monthly. These inspections will ensure that you obtain the full service potential from your lifting equipment, minimizing unexpected downtime. We also offer a fully equipped machine shop that allows us to manufacture most of our replacement parts in-house, keeping our production costs low and enable us to maintain a high standard when it comes to quality and our customer’s delivery requirements.

All quality assurance equipment is kept in top working condition and is calibrated and traceable to the SANAS Standards in accordance with our quality assurance manual.

– Custom applications through CNC milling (Computer Numerical Control)
– Keyway cutting up to 300mm
– Conventional turning (800mm swing x 4000mm long)
– Service and maintenance contracts
– Manufacture of worn or broken components
– Manufacture of replacement components
– Machinery inspection and troubleshooting
– Crane rail surveys and repairs
– Hoist and trolley repairs and rebuilding
– Gearbox repairs and refurbishment


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