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The ABS-E Anti Collision device was designed with the intention to assist in the protection of users and operators of overhead cranes against the collision risks between two or more cranes, utilizing the same crane bay (One unit per crane will be sufficient for communication between all cranes in the bay). When there is the risk of a collision, the ABS-E device takes control over the crane’s motions using a three step prevention process. The first step is sounding the alarm. The second step is slowing the crane down and the third step is to stop the crane in order to avoid the collision

What makes this unit unique is the fact that it’s easy to install, easy to set up and has the ability to be locked via a password, allowing only the responsible technician to make any adjustments. The setup process consists of a set of variables, unique to each installation that is programmed via the 3 button keypad.

Programming of the unit consists of inserting answers to the questions displayed on the LCD display and neglecting the answers not relevant to your application.

The unit’s top and bottom housings are machined from solid aluminum to ensure strength, durability and protection from the environment. There is an absolute encoder installed inside the bottom part that is connected to the electronic PCB. The unit is fitted with an additional backup battery to allow for communication with other cranes while the crane is locked out or isolated for maintenance. Although the unit is fitted with an absolute encoder, all settings will be kept in the units memory during power failures and normal operation will resume when the power is restored.

The bearing housings are machined into the bottom part and houses two bearings, secured by a circlip. The drive shaft is manufactured from stainless steel. The one end is connected to the encoder inside the bottom part and the drive end of the shaft visible on the outside of the bottom part is equipped with a failsafe rigid type coupling.

The unit is fitted with a heavy duty noise tolerant RF Transceiver with a range of 600 meters.  The unit has a 32 bit unique ESN in every module (4 billion different combinations available) allowing for an unlimited number of modules to communicate with each other without any interference.

Technical Specifications:

Temperature: 85°C

Speed: 3600 Rpm

Supply Voltage: 12VDC / 300mA (complete with external battery backup)

Revolutions: 4096:1

Switching: 12A / 250VAC – 8A / 30VDC

Shaft Load: < 2.2Kg


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